I am a Newbie to nanoTimer and Learning

Dear friends:

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, when it was a Dutch colony and lived the best 9 years of my life, carefree, tropics, ethnic food and drinks, and a life of Riley would not even compare, those were the days from 1948-1957.

At the age of 9 as the oldest son, my parents and 5 children fled Indonesia on a Dutch ship “Oranje” November 1957 in the middle of the night and we spent 1 month on that ship and finally arrived in the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

During those days there was a lot of discrimination towards people like us that were brown colored versus the typical white Dutch, even though we were Dutch and spoke the language fluently.

This aggravated my dad and the decision was made to immigrate to the USA, which we did in November 1961.

We settled in the small town of Oregon City, Oregon, and I graduated from Oregon City High School in 1966.

Through the years I have acquired many interests, playing guitar professionally, owned a number of small businesses, day trader, and so on.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts, I find nanoTimer to be an interesting thing to learn about.

Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you.

Roy van Broekhuizen